Ethan Caflisch

Custom Textile Artwork
Quilted Linen and Canvas
22 x 28” each


Ethan Caflisch (pronounced (cuh)(fleesh)) is a London-based American artist whose practice encompasses painting, sculpture, photography, art direction and design. Across all disciplines, his work explores the beauty of raw materials and is personified by bold linear and organic forms, interspersed by a graphic use of color. His signature style is pared-back, almost minimalist, in a thoughtful effort to explore color and materials. In an interview with Tappan Collective, of which he is an esteemed member, he writes:

“I love the challenge, for sure. It’s really difficult to make work that says a lot with a little. Also, making work is an inevitable reflection of one’s self. I make work that feels like me, and work that I enjoy while reminding myself that whatever aesthetic is there now won’t totally be there in the future. It should be a life-long development and gradual/continuous exploratory growth. At the same time, I discipline myself to resist trends. I am making work for now, but I also want the work to be relevant in the future and historically.”

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