William Carrington

Homer / Homer II
Bronze Sculptures
MacArthur Entrance
18 x 38”


William Carrington is a wildlife sculptor based in San Antonio Texas, where he depicts the area’s ever-present fauna through animated and often-humorous bronze sculptures. Carrington has a special bond with the animals around his home in Texas — particularly the jackrabbits.“They’re always running away from something and just figuring out how to stay alive,” he says.

William is an avid lifelong outdoorsman. Coming from a ranching family he spent a great deal of time hunting and fishing. Over the years he has gained an in depth knowledge of wildlife and wildlife behavior. In his work he captures the gestural qualities of animals and primarily creates sculpture depicting animals and their natural behavior. “One of the things I try to do is stay true to nature,” Carrington says. “And nature is sometimes not pretty.”

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