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4-Panel Pulp Painting:
- 2 Chartreuse Pills in Naples Yellow (Summer)
- 4 Ultramarine and 1 Lilac Dash in Prussian Blue (Winter)
- 1 Horizon Wiggle in Peacock Blue (Spring)
- 6 Scarlet Dots and 1 Pink Dot in Deep Magenta (Autumn)

Acrylic Paint on Paper Pulp
12" x 9" x 2"
Barn Hallway
Artists in Residence, October 2021


CHIAOZZA [rhymes with “wowza!”] is a Brooklyn-based collaborative artist duo comprised of Terri Chiao & Adam Frezza. Using Play as a collaborative tool to explore the intersection of the natural and imagined worlds, Terri and Adam create fantastical works of art that incorporate unusual textures and unexpected forms. Humor, color and pattern intersect to immerse the viewer in the artists’ world of wonderment. 

As part of their residency, in partnership with Uprise Art, Terri and Adam created a four-panel series of “pulp paintings” inspired by the autumnal natural elements they collected from our property, and nearby forests and coasts, during their stay. This colorful quadriptych is a spirited interpretation of the bounty of each of the four seasons in Sonoma: Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn (from left to right).

“These four pulp paintings were created with recycled paper pulp pressed through custom paper-making screens created for these artworks. We build the pulp up into 1″ tablets, strain out the water, and then emboss and deboss them using a variety of tools, including blocks, wood rounds, and our fingers. The shapes and colors stem from some of our experiences in Sonoma, including playing along oceanside rock formations, hiking along a golden valley trail at sunset, collecting fallen ginkgo berries, and laying out sticks and leaves.”

This four-panel series proudly hangs in the central hallway at MacArthur Place, where it reflects the brilliance of our natural surroundings and enlivens our interior spaces.

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 Video by Napa Films

Behind The Scenes with Adam & Terri

Photography by Emma K. Morris (first 5 images) and CHIAOZZA (remaining images)