Luke Chiswell

LA 34°04'57.6"N 118°14'39.2"W
Canvas, Epoxy, Dirt, Gumtree Charcoal
Carriage House Second Floor Corridor
20 x 16 x 2”


Luke Chiswell is an Australian visual artist, now based in Los Angeles, CA. Working with diverse mediums and techniques, primarily abstract painting and sculpture, Chiswell is fascinated by the constraints of materializing place and time. The artist continuously experiments with new processes to capture movement, memorialize moments and represent time. Gathering found materials from a chosen environment, Chiswell creates a language for each work. Heaving influenced by his rural upbringing in the small town of Collector in Australia, as well as his involvement in skateboarding culture, the artist’s work is best described as primal and honest, while maintaining an unnerving complexity.

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