Taylor Curry Taylor Curry Taylor Curry

Feather Study #4 and #16 Archival Print, Edition of 5
20 x 26"


Taylor Curry is an artist based in Savannah, Georgia, who works primarily in the Cliche-Verre Process. Curry’s works often depict nature as the negative. Using Kodak 8×10 internegative film and a color enlarger, he projects the specimen, in this case an exotic bird feather, directly onto the film’s emulsion thus capturing the latent image.The enlarged specimen allows the viewer to see details unavailable to the naked eye.

“Photography has been used since its advent as a tool for indexing. The photographs presented before you are a product of that history. These photographs are a camera-less exploration of the object as well as the medium of photography. The Cliche-Verre, to me, is quite literally Nature as the Negative. The items are placed directly onto a 4×5 or 8×10 glass plate. Using the color enlarger, I project the specimen onto 8×10 color film, RA-4 Color paper or Polaroid film capturing the image. By enlarging the item it allows us to look closer at details not seen by the naked eye. These images to me comment on both Darwinism and photography’s ability to index.”

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