Meagan Donegan

Meagan Donegan is an Oakland-based artist who was born on Osage land in St Louis Missouri. Through her roots with this Native American tribe, she developed a fascination of alchemy and ancestry along with a connection to the elemental and animal world. Her imagery is inspired and guided by these creatures, and they represent facets of her own identity and feelings of separation and belonging.

“The mirror images of animals in my pieces are a personal study into the relationship of being an identical twin while the lone creatures represent my work with identity separation. I use animals as my main subject matter because they have a purity and beauty to me that help me observe without a narrative. In this deep trust my heart opens. Here I can break down shape into its simplest form of light and shadow and at the same time observe my singular interpretation based on my own life experience and ancestral influences.”

Meagan Donegan Sheep

Herd of Sheep
Giclee on Fine Art Paper
Carriage House — First Floor Corridor
34 x 28″

Meagan Donegan_Ram Portrait

Ram Portrait
Giclee on fine art paper
Barn – Women’s Restroom
23 x 23″

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