Sara Marlowe Hall

Charcoal, Soft Pastel on Arches Paper
Triptych, 7" x 10" each panel
Entrance to Layla, by Wine Wall
Artist in Residence, September 2020


Sara Marlowe Hall is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist. Her works combine aspects of both painting and sculpture. Inspired by her travels and everyday surroundings, Hall uses raw pigments, gouache, acrylic and plaster to achieve new effects of color and texture. Her body of work intends to evoke a rich and often nostalgic, sensory experience.

In partnership with Tappan Collective — an organization that supports and amplifies emerging artists — we welcomed Hall to MacArthur Place in September 2020 as part of our monthly artist-in-residence program. During her residency, Hall created numerous pastel drawings inspired by the curvilinear shapes on the property’s lush grounds, as well as the beautiful-yet-eerie colors in the sky resulting from the wine country wildfires.

“These drawings were inspired by the pathways amongst the property of MacArthur Place. During my stay I did a series of small color studies picking up colors from nature around the land. This series was made under the dusty sky during the fires. The hint of green in the drawings plays off the abundant amount of trees located on the property, with elements of hidden rust resembling the pathways connecting the space.”

Three of these color studies hang as a triptych in our historic Barn’s hallway, above the SUMO-sized David Bailey photography book. Sara chose this location as on ode to her grandmother — a successful artist and one of the strongest inspirations for Sara’s artistic path — who was once photographed by David Bailey.

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