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Cheryl Humphries Cheryl Humphreys

Grooves in Clay
Ink and Deboss on Hand-dyed Paper
24” x 64”
Barn Hallway
Artist in Residence, August 2020


Cheryl Humphreys is an LA-based visual artist known for her color studies using modular units of debossed paper that form rich patterns invoking movement, memories and feeling.

In partnership with Tappan Collective — an organization that supports and amplifies emerging artists — we welcomed Humphreys to MacArthur Place in August 2020 as part of our monthly artist-in-residence program. During her residency, Humphreys created a site-specific piece inspired by the rust-red soils she saw on her daily hikes in the Sonoma hills and the flow of movement in the hotel’s main hallway — the nexus of our six-acre property.

Humphreys’ process began with charcoal sketches of colors, natural landscapes and little vignettes that caught her eye. After the sketch and installation site were selected, Humphreys began her bespoke studio practice of applying ink onto individually-torn paper tiles which she then debossed. She then arranged the tiles into their final composition, which is held in a floating plexiglass frame that literally magnifies the tactile nature of each handmade tile.

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