Bumin Kim

Silva Woodland
String, Acrylic and Wood, Limited Edition
Coach House
48 x 36”


Known for her mesmerizing thread paintings, Bumin Kim pushes the boundaries of what defines a painting. Her work is especially inspired by elements found in nature, often extracting and simplifying landscapes and organic forms into geometric color fields. She breathes new life into the surface of her paintings, shifting the energy of each piece to exude an unexpected yet irresistible presence.

Kim explores the nature of line, and the potential held therein, to push the boundaries between the two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional space. “Thread and string are synonymous with the actions of weaving and stitching, both for utilitarian purposes, and to serve as metaphor, for the joining of two separate entities with efforts to repair what once was, or with the intent of becoming something other, whole and new.”

Originally from Korea, Bumin Kim received her MFA in drawing and painting in 2015 from the University of North Texas and remains in North Texas as an active member of the contemporary art community.

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