Manuel Knapp

Geometric String Sculpture
Cotton, Nails and Wood


Manuel Knapp is a German artist based in the small town of Grossglattbach, yet gaining worldwide notoriety for his intricate geometric string sculptures. His works are mesmerizing in their polarity — they are both architectural and meticulously mathematical in their nuanced construction, yet also steeped in fantasy, fiction and illusion in their ethereal effect on the viewer.

“I only work with tight strings in straight lines – that naturally causes geometry. The illusion is the picture language where I started. I created everyday objects like chairs, tables and stairs. Our brain automatically characterizes them as functional and useable. These practical expectations create the strong dissonance of what we see and the feeling that we get. I work on the edge of what is capable by the human eye the appearance seems like an illusion. But the use of simple material underlines the irritation and makes the spectator questioning what he believes is fact. This basic question is my playground.” [from an interview with Sarah Hastead]

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