Miller's Harland Miller

Tonight We Make History
Etching on Silver Chine Colle
41 x 29"
Edition of 50


British writer and artist Harland Miller explores the relationship between words and images in his paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works. Interested in seminal authors like Edgar Allan Poe and Ernest Hemingway and drawing influence from Ed RuschaMark RothkoAnselm Kiefer, and Robert Rauschenberg, Miller combines image and text to comment on the disconnect between representation and reality. “There’s always been this compunction to write on pictures,” he has observed. The covers he paints often feature his own invented, sardonic titles combined with the iconic Penguin logo. His muted tones and painterly brushstrokes imbue his canvases with the worn character of a used book, yet often convey subversive sociopolitical critiques.

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