OLeary_Eyes-Diptych Kelley O’Leary

Eyes Diptych
Xerox transfer on paper
Artist in Residence, August 2019


Kelley O’Leary is a Sonoma County-based multidisciplinary artist and arts educator working primarily in collage, sculpture and social practice. Her works address society’s relationship to changing technology and the constant absorption of photography and images. In 2019, she created two installations featuring eyes that speak to our vast social media landscapes and the interplay between seeing and being seen. “I wanted to play with imagery that escapes from off the gallery wall and onto a living, moving being to encourage a deviant perspective of our place as a viewer and a visible object.”

The inaugural artist in our artist in residence program, Kelley O’Leary called MacArthur Place home in August 2019. Kelley created a
custom mixed-media piece using photos of staff members’ eyes captured on property, and colors inspired by MacArthur Place. Her diptych hangs at the entrance to the historic Barn.

Kelley has taught and lectured at various organizations in the Bay Area, and she is currently pursuing her MFA in Art Studio at UC Davis.

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