Giuseppe Palmisano

Yellhow, Edition of 5
Photograph, Archival Print
Barn - Men’s Bathroom
40 x 40"


Giuseppe Palmisano is an Italian photographer based in Bologna. With a background in theatre, Giuseppe incorporates the ideals of performance with everyday life in his photography. His work intertwines the female body with ordinary furnishings to create intriguing similarities and differences through color, form, and position. Drawing on aspects of Surrealism and Minimalism, Giuseppe expresses his conceptual ideas through simplicity and harmony. His expressive work perfectly conveys a mood that we’ve all felt before. His photographs are intentionally bizarre and dramatic to draw us into their spell and allow us to contemplate their existence.

“By means of staged photography, the human body and everyday space, Giuseppe’s photographs are transformed into an atmosphere of humor and mystery, a theatrical effect of absurdity and joyous color, and even with an implication of eeriness and delusion. Palmisano’s work contains signs of transcendence and metaphor amongst everyday realistic light. People appear to be able to escape, or hide from the pressure of the real world by entering the image of the artist’s imagination.” [Feng Boyi]

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