Bev Pettit

White Horse on White Background
Barn - Men’s Bathroom
36 x 36"


Bev Pettit grew up in a small farming community of SE Minnesota. Her love of expansive rural spaces and horses followed her from childhood into her adult life. Even as a publisher and designer working in the corporate investment banking world, she found every opportunity during global travel to seek out backroads of small villages and large cities to capture unexpected travel scenes with her Minolta film camera.

Pettit eventually returned to the Western US where she has spent the past decade doing what she loves: photographing horses and the great wide open plains of the West. Her travels have also taken her to other remote areas with wild horses, such as Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Her striking portraits, often black and white, showcase these beautiful creatures in all of their freedom and glory. Pettit says she “knows” every horse she has ever photographed, as if they were her own. She reflects their personality and captures their essence in each horse through her photographs. ”Oh, the stories. He, in all his glory, is what represents freedom in America. May he go on forever. His legacy sure will.”

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