Annelie Vandendael

Soie Belle 3
Photograph, Archival Pigment Print
The Bar at MacArthur
36 x 36”


One of our favorite pieces on property is “Soi Belle 3” — a surreal photograph of a woman with swim fins seated bareback on a horse. This ethereal 3’ x 3’ piece was created by Belgian-born artist, Annelie Vandendael, who shoots primarily with a Hasselbad analog camera. She writes, “I like to work with analog cameras. It feels more realistic. Today everything is manipulated and photoshopped. I like to see real people with their imperfections, which is more interesting! I put the human as a piece of nature or an object in my picture.

Her newest series of photographs are entitled “Sois belle” (be beautiful), a cheeky command to merge imaginatively with a larger than life environment as she playfully disrupts the glossy norms of fashion photography.

Annelie is part of Tappan Collective, a company that supports exceptional emerging artists and with whom MacArthur Place has partnered to amplify our art program.

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