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A Workshop with Artist-in-Residence Gail Tarantino

  • This event has passed.

A Workshop with Artist-in-Residence Gail Tarantino

As part of our artist-in-residence series in partnership with Uprise Art, we welcome Emeryville-based artist, Gail Tarantino to MacArthur Place. Mining language as a source of inspiration, Gail will lead a workshop exploring the interaction and interplay of text, light, and color. Participants will stencil or hand write a word, thought, or phrase on stretched paper and then pin-prick the surface to allow light to shine through. Gail will discuss the importance of language’s structure, rhythm, and codes in her own practice and dive into writing systems, forms of communication, and their myriad meanings.

We invite you to participate in this workshop from 5pm – 6:30pm Thursday, August 17th.

Workshop will be held in Coach House Salon 1, is complimentary and wine will be provided. Space limited to 12 guests with prior reservation.

Please RSVP to Dare Sturges.