MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa Offers Bathe in Nature Experience

“MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa (Sonoma, CA) introduced the Sēfari ‘Bathe in Nature’ Immersion ($350) package, which was created for MacArthur Place guests by artist, explorer, and water healer, Jobi Manson. The Sēfari “Bathe in Nature” Immersion is a multi-sensory guided bath experience that stimulates a deep connection with the natural world. Stereophonic sound (tropical rainstorms, crashing surf, ambient music), masterfully-produced by an acoustic ecologist and Grammy-nominated artists, harmonizes with Jobi’s soothing voice to create an unforgettable experience. This bathing journey is set up in-room by a bath concierge and is further enhanced with an indulgent array of plant-based products from Nature of Things, available in the custom MacArthur Place Sēfari bath kit that feature Restorative Floral Bath Soak, Cleaning Body & Scalp Polish, a Body Stone and a MacArthur Place Signature Candle.”

– By Nicole Altavilla, August 2022

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