Nana Agyemang’s Wellness Escape To Sonoma

Nana Agyemang’s Wellness Escape to Sonoma
Image courtesy of Nana Agyemang

The founder and CEO of EveryStylishGirl on the activities that’ll restore your mind, body, and soul.

For Nana Agyemang, taking care of her mental health and indulging in wellness rituals are priorities. “About once a month, I take a mental-health break, which means that I remove myself from wherever I am,” she tells me. “So if I’m in New York, I try to do a little road trip or something. I just really try to take a break from the scene I’m currently in and change my environment.” These trips usually come at the tail end of a major project for Agyemang; after wrapping up her first-ever e-book where she discusses social media tips that she wishes more people knew about, she booked a trip to Sonoma to escape. “I’m in the Bay Area right now, so Sonoma is only a 45-minute drive away from me,” says Agyemang. “It doesn’t have to be a huge expense—I always try and plan these trips in advance so I’m being financially responsible while still prioritizing my mental health.”

“Everything in Sonoma is absolutely gorgeous—you feel like you’re in the South of France. I was reading about MacArthur Place, and I chose to stay here because the energy is so restorative. It almost feels like a home, in a sense, because you get your own house. It felt like the perfect getaway—I didn’t see any of the other guests, I had my own patio, there’s an outdoor shower. It felt really remote and there was a lot of privacy. For me, I wanted that quiet and that stillness, especially after wrapping up the book. A lot of the activities here were restorative for me. I got in the  jacuzzi and relaxed by the pool for hours. The hotel also has a spa that offers everything from a citrus-and-kale facial to an aromatherapy massage. It was time that I took to reflect on the past six months and look forward to the next six.” – by Ama Kwarteng, August 2

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