DuJour Magazine:
Man Of The House

“Rubén Cambero, general manager of the newly revamped MacArthur Place Hotel and Spa in Sonoma, ended up doing the one thing his mother told him not to do: hospitality. ‘My mother always told me, ‘Do anything you want but hospitality,’ due to the major sacrifices my parents had to make,’ says Cambero, who was born in Lograño, Spain, and hails from a long line of chefs and hoteliers. ‘Almost my entire family has had a career in hospitality. My mother is a Michelin-starred chef, and my father has always been the perfect host in his various restaurants, mostly notably at Hotel el Peregrino, a small luxury boutique hotel [member of Relais & Chateaux] that we owned in Navarra, Spain. What can I say? I guess it’s genetic.'”

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