Sēfari Bath Immersion:
Held by Water, Guided by Sound

‘Bathe in Nature’ Immersion

Created for MacArthur Place by artist, explorer and water healer, Jobi Manson, the Sēfari “Bathe in Nature” Immersion is a multi-sensory guided bath experience that stimulates a deep connection with the natural world. Stereophonic sound (tropical rainstorms, crashing surf, ambient music), masterfully-produced by an acoustic ecologist and Grammy-nominated artists, harmonizes with the soothing cadence of Jobi’s voice to transform your bath from routine to ritual. This bathing journey is further enhanced with an indulgent array of plant-based products from Nature of Things, available in our custom Sēfari bath kit. This beguiling alchemy of water x sound relieves stress, improves circulation, stimulates digestion, improves sleep and hydrates the skin. We invite you to soak up serenity through the ancient art and mindful philosophy of bathing.

Sēfari ‘Bathe in Nature’ Immersion includes:

  • 30-minute digital bath ritual, guided by Sēfari founder, Jobi Manson
  • Use of iPad and synched AirPods to access digital immersion
  • Nature of Things bath kit including:
    • Restorative Floral Bath Soak 110ml (Soothing & Hydration)
    • Cleaning Body & Scalp Polish 150ml (Exfoliating & Cleansing)
    • Body Stone (Exfoliation & Increasing Circulation)
    • MacArthur Place Signature Candle (Relaxation & Sensory Stimulation)
    • Sēfari wooden gift box
  • Bath Concierge to prepare pre- and post-soak elements (water temperature, lighting, robe, infused water)
  • Tea service with a custom soothing & detoxifying blend from UppercaseTea

Package Price: $350 

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Experience available 9am – 9pm daily (with 24 hours advance notice) in guestrooms with an indoor or outdoor soaking tub, or at The Spa at MacArthur. The iPad and AirPods provided by the hotel are fully sanitized in full compliance of our health & safety standards. The guest may choose to use their own iPad / iPhone and AirPods if preferred. The Bath Kit can also be purchased individually via our online Market.

Read our interview with Jobi Mansion to learn more about the healing properties of her water x sound bath immersion, as well as tips for creating a bath ritual at home.

Nature of Things Bath Kit for Sefari

Sefari Guided Bath Immersion at MacArthur Place

Soaking Tub at MacArthur Place

Sefari Bath Immersion with Jobi Manson

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